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Dream the Impossible Youth Conference hosted at San Diego State University.


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Dream the Impossible

Mission: Challenge Native Youth to D.R.E.A.M.

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                                                            D-Dedication | R-Responsibility | E-Education | A-AttitudeM-Motivation

The Dream the Impossible Youth Conference was started in 2007 by several Southern California Tribes and Tribal organizations. The dream began when local youth councils planned to organize a conference specifically for Southern California Native youth. After several planning meetings, the youth voted on a conference name and agreed to host the first ever Southern California Native Youth Conference on the Soboba Indian Reservation at Noli Indian High School and the Recreation Center. The success of this conference marked the beginning of the Dream the Impossible Youth Conference becoming an annual event.


DTI's purpose is to encourage Native youth to dream big, to dream of becoming anything they want to be, and to dream of greatness. As long as youth have a dream, they will always have something to strive for in life. DTI also provides native youth exposure to various college campuses to eliminate the pressure, fear, or intimidation that youth may feel towards walking on a college campus.

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DTI’s goal is to empower native youth “to take charge by allowing them the opportunity to tell us as advisors and program managers what interests them," said Shonta Chaloux, one of the conference founders. “Students design the conference logo, select conference topics, location, color of shirts, select afternoon activities and decide on what meals will be eaten during the conference”.

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Today there are over 35+ tribes, tribal organizations, and universities that contribute to the DTI Youth Conference annually.